Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Page, Get More Likes, Sponsors and Grow Your Revenues with

Boost engagement on your Facebook page

Are you a travel blogger? Do you love adventures and exploring new places? Do you enjoy writing about your adventurous experiences? Wish to have more people following you and sponsors paying you to post their ads? Well, then chances are that you might be using social networks like Facebook and YouTube to attract and engage more people.

Social media is definitely a great way to go about it but the truth of the matter is that it’s not easy to keep people hooked to your page and persuade them to take actions that you desire.

To boost  engagement on your  Facebook page and attract more sponsors, it’s important to post content that goes viral instantly and get people buzzing about your page. For this, you need great travel videos. You can most definitely post your own travel videos but to add more credibility and get people raving for it, consider posting mini-documentaries from’s travel and adventure category. At, we offer a library of over 1600 mini-documentaries. These videos are available for both public-viewing and sharing.

Take a look at how our documentaries when posted on your social network can get you more likes, increase user engagement and get you more sponsors.

Mini-Documentaries by

  •   Inspire and Educate Viewers

Our videos can get you more likes and shares than sales messages and long write-ups. Our videos are educational, exciting and inspirational. Your site visitors can learn a lot from these videos and even would most certainly love to know what else you have in store for them. And if you can provide them with edge-of-the-seat infotainment, let’s just say your mission is accomplished.

  •  Know the Roots

Just like funny videos, videos with the element of history are also loved by people. The new generation wants to know the roots and dig in deep. Besides this, such videos are also share-worthy. So, post a mini-documentary from about Brazilian Balloon or Jewel Mines of Brazil on your Facebook page and get people buzzing for more.

  •   Be Entertaining

To add more drama and fun to your social media page, search for videos like Elephant hunt in Chad or Africa’s Human Pretzels or Kayak down the Himalayas  on our website. These videos provide entertainment at its best!

Explore our website now and search for videos to post on your social network today. You’ll be amazed with our collection.

The Miracle of Mount Corcovado: The Cleaning of “Christ the Redeemer”

Floriano and Dealson Gonzales who performed the most dangerous feat of cleaning the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” across Mount Corcovado, high above in Rio de Janeiro.

Have you ever wondered about a daring act you are about to do which might not be as successful because you are just doing it for some fame? Yes, the rush might give you a spectacular feeling but it will be fleeting. This is a story of two brothers who performed the most daring act in Rio de Janeiro only because they had faith in what they were doing.

These two brothers were Floriano and Dealson Gonzales who performed the most dangerous feat of cleaning the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” across Mount Corcovado, high above in Rio de Janeiro. The two brothers had been performing this daring job for years until Dealson had a heart attack.

For ordinary folks, a job like this would be terrifying. However, for Floriano and Dealson, washing the Redeemer was a simple act of faith, which they performed quite proudly. The entry to the top was through an opening at the bottom of the statue, which was specifically designed to reach every area of the statue from the inside. Quite impressive! Continue reading “The Miracle of Mount Corcovado: The Cleaning of “Christ the Redeemer””

Daredevil You Asked for it

Daredevil You asked for it

Daredevil do you have “IT”?

Now, you might be thinking what I’m talking about, am I right? The “IT” are the acts of courage you have done or witnessed, the dares you have taken on behalf of your friends or that unfortunate but amazing event you captured accidentally.

Have I got you hooked yet? You might be going through your mental library just to reminisce about the good ol’ days, right? Well, what’s stopping you from sharing it on the internet? I know there are bigger fishes in the pond but what if you could get a pond that has all the dare devil fishes, Just. Like. You?

I’m excited, are you excited? The ‘Mannequin’ challenge took the world by storm but our focus is more on those adventurous acts that get your heart pumping and make you go like, “How the hell did he do that!”

So, what does it take to do these challenges . . . a ‘devil may care’ attitude, a dash of craziness and a whole lot of courage. So, I ask you again, “Have. You. Got. It?” If yes, then You Asked for It invites you to share your acts of courage with them. It’s a platform that allows you to share crazy travel videos with other dare devil fanatics. Plus, you will have your work of art out there for people to enjoy and share.

Are You a Daredevil?

So, what qualifies as a daredevil act? Here, we are talking about travel and adventure challenges that have taken the world by storm. I would like to share my personal best challenge of Allison Nadler. A girl who took the challenge of climbing every peak in New England. She climbed a total of 67 mountains that were over 4,000 feet tall. Talk about stamina!

Are your hands and feet tingling and forcing you to get up from your chair and do something daring? The devil has just entered the building and asks you to present your act because people are waiting eagerly to watch what you will do. Need some inspiration? Why not try ‘kayaking down the Himalayas’ with minimal survival gear or brave the waters of the Bermuda Triangle or my favorite: Visit someplace wild and capture the birth of some exotic animal.

The world is full of adventurous places that are just waiting to be discovered. Why not be the one to film it first and do something daring that will make you hit? So, what are you waiting for? It’s your time to shine. Get your travels plans into order and set out with the aim that you will do something daring and adventurous, and leave the rest to You Asked for It.